Welcome to the place where your feet can grow wings.

I am a Therapeutic Reflexologist and I have a ‘thing’ for feet, not because I have two feet (like most of us do), but because feet are my life, my livelihood, my getting up and my going to sleep. Being a reflexologist and also a distance runner, I am acutely aware of my feet ‒ how they are doing, how they are functioning and whether they experience any unusual aches or pains. More importantly, I use them to monitor the state of my body and my health. I consider myself a bit of a foot guru (not to be confused with foot-fetishes) but I do think all feet have a charm of their own.

When you spend so many hours running, one of the things you have apart from a lot of time to think, is the opportunity to become well acquainted with your feet. If you ask a few distance runners about their feet, they will probably come up with horrendous and hair-raising stories about toenails falling off, heel pains, ball pains, spurs, bursitis, Achilles tendonitis and a lot more foreign-sounding things, some of which will probably make you go “yuk!”.

As a reflexologist I am trained to view feet in a different light. The sole of the foot is regarded as a second heart and the feet as the foundation of your life ‒ feet become more than just the things you stand on. I look at the feet to see how the rest of your body is doing and whether you need resuscitation or maybe just a good kick under the butt.

I also believe in living as healthily as possible and to me health does not only include what you eat, drink and whether you sleep or not, but also what is going on in your inner world, your mind and your heart. I believe in the body’s inherent and amazing healing power and that we all have the ability within us to change. Even the brain is capable of healing and changing (called neuroplasticity). What I would like to see is that more people are enabled to tap into this wonderful healing and balancing power that the body and the mind has to offer.

So, I guess the point I’m trying to make is that with this blog, I want to not only help you with some of your feet problems, give you some feet tips, discuss your general health or just show you how to treat and love your feet. No, I also want you to look at and appreciate your feet (and all the feet around you) in a new and exciting way and hopefully inspire you to do more with your feet than just walk them over to the fridge every once in a while.

So tell me where your feet have taken you lately (whether this is a journey of health, an inner journey or an actual physical journey). What wonderful exciting new treatment you’ve had on your feet or just what you did to be cozy at home with your feet. Have some fun with your feet and some feet around you and let’s share these experiences. If you have a problem with those wonderful two extremities of yours, don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll try and help as best I can.