Hate to love camping

What would a camping experience be without a bit of rain, cold and wind.  Easter week-end we consider the end of summer for us and can’t resist heading out to camp one last time.  This week-end was no different.

We hit the road early Friday morning and headed down to Keurbooms Lagoon just outside of Plettenberg Bay.  Despite the cold our caravan was set up in no time and we were determined to have fun.

There was just one problem – the youngest teenager in our little group has forgotten the password to her phone.  (You know one of those you thought “let me choose an easy one I’ll never forget”!) We immediately realized that this is as close to life-threatening as it can get for a youngster these days and that we needed to take immediate action.  Her father headed into town with the phone just to receive the bad news that there is no way to get her back online and keep her data, photos and everything else.   The only way out was to guess the correct word.

In the meantime it rained on and off all afternoon and by Saturday morning I could hardly straighten my legs after being rolled into a tight little ball all night long.

But being old campers we are not that easily deterred and after all,  they promised good weather for Sunday.  So, we stuck it out. We had a beautiful site right on the lagoon and could spend the whole week-end watching people, boats, birds and even a seal go past.  The golden hues as the sun went down washed over my body time and again and as the moon rose we took a walk on the starlit beach (cold or not).   We were even blessed by a rainbow that dipped behind the waves. I still wonder about that pot of gold…

Two days later and 500 or more attempts, everyone started running out of four-letter words but with desperation and a little help from google, we finally hit the jackpot! Our teenager was plugged in again.  We discovered that she could actually talk and even manage a few smiles.  Superdad was hoping he would score big hero points for not giving up, but how far those will carry him, we shall have to see.

The fishermen were out every day but it seemed the fish had more sense than us and headed out to warmer water for the week-end.

Back at camp as water activities weren’t an option, we occupied ourselves creatively and played around with henna tattooing.

On Sunday the sun eventually showed itself and we could thaw out, getting rid of the cold, cramped muscles before breaking camp and heading home on Monday.

I am still glad we braved the cold. Sometimes it is better if it is not perfect. When you get home you tend to  appreciate and enjoy all the luxuries again.

And as for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow… maybe the blessing of spending time with those we love and letting the wind blow out all the cobwebs of work and everyday life.


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