So, a new dawn has broken and with it a brand spanking new year!

All around you hear people talking about their “new year’s resolutions” and the big changes they are going to make.  And as we all know, those never last very long.

I don’t know why it is that we think we are only supposed to take stock of our lives at the end / beginning of a year as if it is something out of the ordinary and it can only be done at this particular junction in time.  I am not a believer of new year’s resolutions as they never last more than a few days in any case.

Why it is that we think changes can only be made in giant leaps every beginning of a year, I don’t really understand. Perhaps it has something to do with our wonderful ability for procrastination or because tomorrow, Monday and next year has a magical quality to it.  Isn’t that the day when you will finally start that diet, get your life sorted and be the person you always wanted to be? Your future self, the hero!

But with new year’s resolutions, somehow if you miss out or mess up your chance has come and gone and you have to wait a whole year again before you can have another go at it. Absolute rubbish!

I believe change happens in small increments and can happen any time you choose it to.  Instead of having only one chance a year, I believe you can have thousands of chances to change your life, your attitude, your circumstances, career, thoughts and behavior throughout the year.  Every new day brings with it a new opportunity for change.

Stop procrastinating and live your life in the present. Make every day special and keep your eyes open for those opportunities that will come your way to jump in and make a change!

My wish for myself and all of you this year is that we may have more compassion.  More compassion for ourselves and for those around us and then I believe, change will be inevitable.

Have a joyful, wondrous and exciting 2017!




  1. I think it is necessary to take stock of our lives on a regular basis, but not as dictated by a date on a calendar. Each one of us will have the need for it, or will be ready for it at different times. I also fully agree with the fact that we have thousands opportunities each year to change or to bring about change. One of the clips I saw stays with me. It says: “If you do not like where you are, move, you are not a tree”. So I wish you all a happy 2017 as non-trees!

  2. I agree with both of you. Since I am not so young anymore, I realise more everyday how little time there is left. So if your day is not going the way you planned, just enjoy every moment. Help some-one, visit some-one, invite some-one, pray for some-one,
    look at the beautiful moon, read a nice book, but go to bed saying that “today was a good day.”

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