My pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago X

20160912_080032We leave Camponaraya at about 7:30 and again my torch comes in handy. As we head into the vineyards, the sun slowly lifts its head and we are enveloped in a pink hue. What a sight! For a moment, I imagine myself back in the Cape Winelands at home and I feel a slight tinge of homesickness.  This is definitely wine country and evidently this area is known for its white variety.



We also pass some vegetable farms and come across these giant pumpkins ripening in the sun. Not often you seen them that size!


In one of the smaller towns a stone mason is at work and I watch how meticulous he crafts every stone that he places. This is definitely an art and I hope it won’t ever die out.

Stone mason at work

Villafranca has a beautiful old castle, Castillo de los Marqueses, and we stop for brunch at a small café across the road. I’m getting used to eating my lunch opposite a castle every day.


Castle in Villafranca

Castillo de los Marqueses

From here onwards the road follows the main road as we head up the mountain again. We walk up and under fly-overs and the road is quite busy. I am longing for an escape and look longingly to the trees on my left that merely gives an impression of shade.  We stop for an ice-cream in Pereje to try and counteract the heat, but it doesn’t help for long!

Further on some of the houses  we pass are so dilapidated and I think out loud that I definitely wouldn’t dare to park my car under those balconies.


By 14:00 we are hot and tired and decide to stop in Trabadelo for the night. We are still booking in when a whole crowd of people evidently decide to do the exact same thing. The heat and tediousness of the road is probably to blame.

Getting to our room we run into James (from last night) who also decided that Trabadelo is the end of the road for him today. As we already know that he doesn’t snore we decide to share the room he has settled into.  We only have one other roommate besides him, so maybe we’re in luck for a peaceful night!

There is a fire up in the mountains near us, but luckily the wind seems to be blowing it in the opposite direction. Something to keep an eye on though.

Supper is a choice of chicken or rabbit and our host boasts that rabbit is their specialty. I decide to be adventurous and give it a go and I am not disappointed. It is absolutely fantastic! Juicy inside, crispy outside and heaped full of flavour.  My fellow diners look enviously at my plate while eating their unadventurous chicken breasts.

The rain prediction is the main discussion during supper as we’re told it may carry on for three days. Galicia is known to be very wet but so far we’ve been lucky. I have been carrying a raincoat all this time and it would be sad if it was for nothing, but there is rain and then there is rain. Let’s hope the prediction is out…

Camponaraya – Trabadelo 24km

Today I leave you with this : “Never be scared to try something new!”

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