Should you be juicing?

For the last few years ‘juicing’ has been all the hype and it is not difficult to see why.  The health benefits are endless.  I am sure we all know that we need vegetables as we are supposed to get most of our vitamins, minerals and nutrients from them.  Unfortunately we also all know that vegetables we buy today, does not contain even a scrap of the amount of nutrients that they used to way back when. In other words, we do not get the necessary nutrients from them that we require (and that is for those of us who do eat our vegetables).

The reason for this is how they are grown today. There is the GMO’s, the insecticides and sprays and the most obvious, vegetables and fruit are not left to sun-ripen anymore.  Most vegetables get picked and freeze-dried or kept in cold storage until the market is ready and farmers can get the best price for their yield. The vegetables are then treated to make them “ripen” or at least look ripe.  What you buy in your shop might not  even be this season’s crops and they most definitely did not stay in the ground or on a tree long enough to be ripened by the sun.

This fact was really driven home for me, when a while ago we had a holiday in Mocambique.  I  have never in my life tasted lovelier and sweeter tomatoes than I did on that holiday.  I have never even thought of tomatoes as sweet.  Not to mention the fresh mangoes which we ate like lollipops, sugar sweet pineapples and coconuts – all freshly picked every day.  Unfortunately the high demand and rushed lifestyle dictates how we get our food.

Nevertheless to get the most out of your vegetables (if you are not in Mocambique) there are few better ways than juicing.  I do, however, also believe that if you do it daily, it could be too much for your system.  Some vegetables like carrots and spinach (for example)  could be quite harmful to your body if eaten in excess in its raw format.  (With excess we are talking about 6 carrots per day or more, but still too much of a good thing is also not good.)  Juicing does help to absorb the nutrients in your vegetables much quicker, but it does not contain the fibers that would naturally aid your body in digesting it slowly.  Don’t get me wrong, if you want to do a juice fast for a few days, by all means it can only aid in cleansing your system.

For me personally, I juice no more than twice a week, minimum once a week.  The days in between, a freshly squeezed orange juice gets us going.

My juice recipe varies very slightly and normally depends on what I have in the house, but these are my main ingredients to prepare a juice for two people :

1x apple (as we know one a day keeps the doctor away)

2x carrots (this I sometimes replace with beetroot for variety)

Half a cucumber (decent-sized)

2 x Celery sticks

A handful of spinach / Broccoli

A piece of ginger

A handful of berries (if in season for their anti-oxidant qualities)


These are all powerful vegetables that can really give your body that needed boost.

Basically all of them boosts the immune system, helps prevent cancer, has anti-inflammatory qualities, helps gut health and aids with digestion, anti-aging, good for heart health, lowering blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, keeps your skin healthy and for example Celery also boosts liver health, just to name a few pro’s.

So, give your body the boost it needs and join the juicing bandwagon!


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